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Vernea Keep Daily News


Topic: New RPG
Date: 12/08
I'm installing a new RPG system tonight. There will be a new button labeled RPG Inferno. You will be able to set-up your RPG Profile, buy weapons & items. The best part is you can battle opponents. Please PM me if you have any questions. This RPG has been customized just for Vernea Keep!
Topic: New Stuff
Date: 12/05
A chat room has been added to the forum. There is also a new RPG mod, you can pick your class; go to My Controls & then Edit Profile info to change your RPG setting. Please contact Lady Coventina if you have any questions.
Topic: Jobs
Date: 11/28
There are currently several jobs available, visit the Village Green to learn more.
Topic: Changes & Money...well Dukats
Date: 11/27
Was able to add a money script, currently it is manual.  If you want you can go and check out the bank and find out more information.
Topic: Vernea Keep is Created
Date: 11/26
Today Vernea Keep was created! We are adding new things as soon as possible. We cordially invite you to join our fine town and join in the revelry, chivalry, merriment and friendship. Once the forum is 90% done the nasty ads will be removed. Huzzah!!